Susan Toney


Additional Artist/Song Information:

Publishing: Screaming Child Music
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Starlight
Record Label: Strange Child


The radio world is in for an unexpected thrill as recording artist Susan Toney releases her single Starlight right out of Memorial Weekend 2020. The stellar new track was recorded and produced by Bob Tucker (IndiaIrie, Tupac Shakur, Temptations) at Crescent Heights Digital, West Hollywood, CA. Susan Toney, native to Oklahoma, moved west to Los Angeles in the 1990s. Proli”cally writing songs and performing at venues and festivals throughout Southern California, her song Just Dont Mention Love landed in Miramaxs “lm, Little City, in 1997. In 2003, her career and her life were nearly cut short in a hit and run, rollover car accident, throwing her out of the car completely. Through the grace of her faith, sheer will and determination, and after surgery and rehabilitation, Toney recovered and returned to her music. When she was recording her debut album, Strange Child, Toney was presented with another obstacle, pancreatic cancer. While receiving treatment and subsequently having her pancreas removed, she “nished and released her album in 2007 on her own label, Strange Child Records. In 2014, Susan Toney found recognition when her songs, The Trail Of Light And Dark (Top 40, Adult Contemporary) and Missing Me (Remix) (Top 30, Adult Contemporary Indicator) made it on the Billboard charts, off of her album Love Is The Cure. The single, Starlight, precedes the release of Susan Toneys third album, Headed For Love, where she explores the freedom of drawing from multiple musical styles and lyrical expression without limits. With the release of her new & magnificent Starlight, the music world is in for a rare and exciting radio treat.


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