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FAQ Troubleshooting & Support

What is AirplayAccess?

AirplayAccess is the radio industry leading digital service providing music to radio stations. AirplayAccess is used by Major and Independent record lables, artists/bands as well as management and publishing companies.  AirplayAccess provides a fast, effective and secure way of servicing your new music with radio programmers worldwide without incurring the costs of pressing CDs and postage/delivery. AirplayAccess provides a convenient way for radio programmers to access your promotional music so that you received maximum exposure. AirplayAccess provides high quality, broadcast-ready files directly to radio stations worldwide. This is a complimentary, invitation only service to radio programmers and there is no cost to radio stations, DJs, broadcasters, internet radio shows and syndicated radio shows.

What’s The Difference Between Genres And Formats?

Make no mistake genre of music is not the same as a music format at radio. This is more than likely the biggest misnomer for a musician. Understanding the difference will set you apart from others which have not taken the time to gain the knowledge.

Think of it like this .  Your grand mother bakes the most wonderful cinnamon apple pie, however no matter what you call it. .it’s still an apple pie. When it comes to music, artists love to use many genre driven words to describe their music (which is only great for a conversation). However, when it comes to the music industry, we only care about what “format” the music should be placed, promoted and marketed.

A format is derived from radio stations. Radio stations are the “heartbeat” within the music industry and it is a MUST that your music nicely fits within their playlist with other comparable artists/bands.

Commercial radio is based around one song by one artist at any particular time. Non-commercial radio may accept multiple songs by a particular artist at any given time. We will write about that in a different article.

Remember one thing, as an artist you are only what your music is when it comes to radio. For example, you may say you are a hard rock artist like Metallica, however if you decide to put one of your ballads out to radio, you won’t be promoting this slow song to Hard Rock radio. More than likely you will focus your promotion and marketing to a format of radio whose market is ballads. This is ever more apparent with superstar Country artist Taylor Swift. When Taylor Swift first debuted her talents, the “average joe” had a hard time believing she was a Country artist and that was because she only had a couple “country”songs on the album. After she has a string of country “hits” Big Machine’s founder Scott Borchetta put his efforts in pushing Swift’s pop music to Top40/CHR (Current Hit Radio) radio. This sent Taylor Swift into the stratosphere with her music career as Top40 is the largest format of music with the most listeners worldwide.

In conclusion, a “genre” is a description of music style, whereas “format” is where the music will find a home at radio. 

What is my username and password?

Your username to log into the AirplayAccess website is sent to you via your registration email within the AirplayAccess or STS system. Your password is provided in the original email you received along with your information.

Radio station user name and passwords may login here.

I forgot my password, how do I retrieve it?

Simply enter your user name and click on the “forgot password” link. Your password will be emailed to you immediately. You may also contact for assistance here.

How do I change how often I receive new track email notifications (or stop receiving notifications)?

You may “opt out” of receiving email notifications, for new releases at any time. Regardless of which you opt-in or opt-out option you pick, you will continue to have access to new tracks on the STS system as well as AirplayAccess as soon as they are made available by the labels. If you want to request opt-in status please call 310-325-9997 or use our request form here.

Can I change my email for notifications?

Yes. Notifications are sent to the email address you provided on signing up for your account. To edit this select call 310-325-9997 or use our info request form here.

Where can I find help with the AirplayAccess system?

You can get help by browsing our FAQ section. You may also contact us here or by calling customer support 310-325-9997 to speak to a live person Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST).

How do I get signed up?

Sign up and submit music on the AirplayAccess system, click “Submit Music” and fill out the form or contact AirplayAccess at support here.  You may also contact our office at 310-325-9997 Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM (PST).  If you are a radio station in need of servicing, you may also sign up via our online registration form here.

How do I receive more information about AirplayAccess?

To receive more information about AirplayAccess feel free to contact us here or or contact Customer Support at 310-325-9997 Monday to Friday, 9:00 AM to 5:00 PM Pacific Time.

I’m on a Mac. Can I use AirplayAccess?

You are able to use AirplayAccess and STS on all browsers. Both AirplayAccess and STS are programmed to work on all devices including PC, MAC, mobile devices and tablets.

Where can I download music files from the AirplayAccess system?

All radio stations, programmers, record pools and syndicators registered with STS have password protected access to the Download Music library in addition to “Hot Downloads” available to all of the radio industry via the SpinsTrackingSystem(STS) radio charts as well as New Music Weekly magazine. If you are a radio station and would like reporting status, click here or call STS  310.325.9997. You may also use their contact form here.