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The radio industry leader in servicing music to radio programmers, syndicated radio shows, satellite radio, and streaming platforms.

NO MORE pressing CDs and spending $$$ on postage!

Simply upload your music to AirplayAccess!

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Successful record labels know radio has the largest impact on their business, so they trust AirplayAccess to digitally service their music  to radio’s ecosystem that provides a lifetime of value.

“An amazing music service”



Why artists/labels use AirplayAccess?

  • No need for manufacture CDs to send to radio, cutting CD manufacturing costs
  • No postage expenses, saving you $$$ when servicing your music digitally
  • No more downtime waiting for radio to receive your CD
  • AirplayAccess facilitates fast follow-up by your promoter

  • 24/7 AirplayAccess download tracking. Real-time tracking to view who and how much a release is downloaded in your account
  • Integrated within the radio industry’s leading system, STS
  • AirplayAccess maximizes your release by sending out announcements highlighting its availability to radio
  • NEW ADDED FEATURE – Your song added to Spotify playlist
  • Your music release is listed as a new song listing, as well as available to radio programmers in our music library archive for its lifetime
AirplayAccess Interface

1 Song, 1 Radio Format

1 Song
1 Radio Format
1 Music release announcement
Select Music Industry VIP to add additional radio formats and Spotify placement
Upload Now
best deal
Music Industry VIP$307

1 Song, 2 Radio Formats

1 Song
2 Radio Formats
+ Spotify playlist placement
3 Music release announcements
PRO Add-on$119

/per additional radio format to Express

Add-On to your Express option
+1 Additional Format
+1 Music release announcement
Select MUSIC INDUSTRY VIP to add your song to 2 radio formats
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AirplayAccess does it all!

The Music Industry Source of servicing music to radio programmers . . .worldwide!


100% free for all radio stations. No fees for radio programmers, ever!  Get new releases before your competition. Integrated within the music industry’s leading  radio airplay charting source, STS, for easier access to music downloads and new releases. Radio access to National airplay charts to see which songs are most popular or gaining traction.


Complete detailed data on how radio engages with your music. Know who has listened to your music before you make the call.


AirplayAccess is available to commercial and non-commercial radio stations, Program Directors, Music Directors, Syndicated Radio Shows, Satellite and Internet radio stations worldwide.


Lightning speed servicing of broadcast quality music within multiple genres of music to radio programmers worldwide.


Radio promotion is the most critical part of all artists/bands career and servicing your music to radio is the key factor and your first step. AirplayAccess does it for you so you can stay focused on your next steps in marketing and promoting your music to radio. AirplayAccess gives your release the maximum exposure to radio to kick start your radio campaign.


AirplayAccess is used by both major and independent record labels and artists/bands worldwide as a cost effective source when servicing their music to radio programmers. Integrated within the leading radio airplay tracking source, STS,giving your music the exposure it deserves 24/7.


AirplayAccess is partnered with the top leading sources within the radio and music industry, placing your music in the network of the hit makers.


Spins Tracking System

Spin Tracking System (STS) encompasses an information outlet for radio programmers, artists, record labels, promoters, songwriters and publications. As the leader in providing the radio industry with 24/7 airplay tracking, STS supplies chart data within the genres of Country, Top40, Adult Contemporary, Hip Hop/Rap, Jazz/Smooth Jazz, AAA, Christian, Rock and College formats.

New Music Weekly

New Music Weekly (NMW) prides itself in providing the industry with the most accurate and current data each and every week. NMW has dedicated entire sections of each weekly magazine towards the progression of new music. Features include editorials, highlights of top singles impacting radio in a multitude of formats, new music spotlights and industry news.

Got Questions?

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