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Publishing: Stone

Publishing Affiliation: BMI

Album Title: Fireball

Record Label: ?


The music world is in for a real treat as the band Stone gets ready to take flight with their debut single Fireball. The band came together in the summer of 2018 to form a brothersister duo. The lead vocalists (Kymee Dawn and Kurt Stone) have been singing and writing songs together since childhood. Kurt Stone started playing country music professionally at the age 14 playing lead guitar and singing background vocals for his fathers band. All it took was one night on stage for him to realize this is what he was born to do. After his father retired from the business in 2001, Kurt Stone was handed the reins to move forward with the band created by his father 20 years earlier. As that band came to an end, he was quickly picked up by an up and coming show band that was very successful regionally. After the deconstruction of that project, he knew this was his time to do a little soul searching and get back to what made him fall in love music in the first place which was family. He then realized it was time to get back into the scene, only this time with his sister Kymee Dawn. Kymees first big performance was in Arlington, Texas at the Johnny Highs music review. She was then featured at 16 on a FUSE network television show called Talent rock. She has written and recorded several original songs over the years. In 2007 she met with Warner Brother records in Manhattan. Receiving a lot of good direction at a young age she never stopped making connections and doing what she loves, making music. Now the two artists come together to form the Powerhouse, Stone. Influenced heavily by classic to current country/rock and coming from a long line of music. Get set & ready radio stations from Country, Pop to Mainstream as Stone steps into the music arena with the powerful and electric Fireball.

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