ZPEXTRE (pronounced “zip-x-tree”) is a multi faceted artist and musician living in Oakland, California. Born to an immigrant family, he grew up surrounded by music of many genres. Self studying every instrument he could get his hands on, he finds himself surrounded by an eclectic variety of instruments, though on any given moment, you’ll find him with a mini guitar strapped to his back. Considered by many as a renaissance person; he has made instruments including casted bronze bells and played in pop bands as well as experimental music ensembles. For the past 15 years, along with is wife, he owned and ran a music venue attracting talent ranging from Ice Cube, Green Day to the SF Opera. Of all the experiences he had running a music venue, he was most fascinated by how much talent there is in the world, and how little of it most people get to experience. Over the years, he has created a large body of work seldom that even those closest to him rarely saw or heard. But in the last few years, he felt the need to share his creative projects with the world. Hence ZPEXTRE was formed as a vehicle to release his art and music.

“The song Souvenir is about a younger and more innocent time. Traveling to a place where kids like me met other kids like me. The building blocks of friendships through music. When the chandelier falls, we all have a souvenir”, ZPEXTRE

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Zpextre
Song Title: Souvenir
Publishing: Zpextre Music
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Souvenir
Record Label: Zust

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