Although Morgan didn’t pursue music professionally until he was 62, he has always been a music lover, even from the early days of his childhood living in Dallas.
“I’ve sung all my life,” he said. “I sang in church choir at the First Baptist Church there. I played trumpet in high school. That was where I got my background in music, but I never really thought I was going to get into it like I’m in it now.”
Throughout the years, Morgan became extremely successful in the automobile business. In fact, it was because of his job as an exotic car salesman that he got the chance to meet several celebrities, including the late Dallas Cowboys head coach Tom Landry, the late baseball player and musician Charley Pride, country singer Willie Nelson and perhaps the most famous country singer in the world the “King of Country” George Strait.

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Artist Name: Sonny Morgan
Song Title: John Deere Steering Wheel
Publishing: Sonny Morgan Music
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: John Deere Steering Wheel
Record Label: Sonny Morgan Music

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