A few months into the pandemic, Mike Kuster wrote this song in response to the world being lockdown. “With all of the world on lockdown, how are all of these people socializing and dating,” Mike wondered. “I’m used to seeing all of these folks going through the motions in bars and honky-tonks. That led me to come up with my main character with cabin fever.”

Mike wanted the song to be fun and comforting with a familiar sound. The song is heavily influenced by the Country Music he grew up listening to. “I really wanted this to be fun and sound like those classic songs you’d hear at the honky tonks and bars.”

“Seeing Less Than Half of Their Faces” is produced by Dr. Ford. Joining Mike on this album are great talents of Michael Cleveland on fiddle, Chris Condon on guitars, Caleb Mundy on bass, and Dr. Ford on drums and keyboards.

This is Mike’s fourth release to radio from his upcoming debut album, Better Late Than Never.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Mike Kuster
Song Title: Seeing Less Than Half Of Their Faces
Publishing: MJK Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Better Late Than Never
Record Label: MJK Music

Record Label:
MJK Music
Mike Kuster
Radio Promotion:
Ed Carter Promotions
Ed Carter