Katie Hall’s newest single “See Ya” is an upbeat feel good anthem about knowing your worth. Katie sings of a boy who has “an itch nobody can scratch” and if a flash is all it takes to turn his head, then she will say “See Ya”.

Katie Hall is a country artist who lives and breathes the country lifestyle. Born and raised in Montana, she grew up on a farm with sheep, horses, chickens, dogs, and at one point, 27 cats. Katie enjoys hunting, archery, and sports such as ultimate frisbee (her favorite), and hiking in her spare time. Katie appeared at CMA Fest last year in Nashville, TN and plays shows in and around Montana.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Katie Hall
Song Title: See Ya
Publishing: Katie Hall
Publishing Affiliation: Other
Publishing 2: SSM Publishing
Publishing Affiliation 2: Other
Album Title: See Ya
Record Label: Evolution

Record Label:
Cailsey Scott
Radio Promotion:
Alan Young Promotions
Alan Young