Fritz Kahn and The Miracles” is the story of a little orphan and his adventures in the grown up world, which translates musically into soul, folk, country and jazz tunes, that fit in the American songbook. All songs are meant to be episodes, and stories, of a broader narrative that is essentially a story of survival.
This musical project has been around since 2003, having had many different formations. Nowadays, the band members are Gonalo Serras (vocals, composer) and Tiago Machado (piano, orchestrations). This project is easily recognizable among the Portuguese artistic community by its overall quality and depth. The highlights are such as:

International Songwriting Competition Finalist (the biggest online song contest in the world, with more than 15.000 contesters every year)
National Portuguese Radio Airplay (Antena 1)
Casa da Msica (Porto)
Super Bock Super Rock Contest Winner
Three times finalist at the Termometro Unplugged Contest
Unaccountable gigs and venues played in the Portuguese musical scene

“Fritz Kahn and The Miracles” is all about tenderness, innocence and bluesyness – its not what you might call “mainstream”, but all songs are highly listenable and easy to catch.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Fritz Kahn And The Miracles
Song Title: Rita
Publishing: Goncalo de Oliveira Nunes Serras
Publishing Affiliation: SPA
Album Title: Fritz Kahn And The Miracles
Record Label: Goncaloserras