Adam Highbarger is an independent artist who grew up in the small farm town of Polo, Illinois, USA. In 2018 he began the journey into the career he’s always desired. He found an Artist Development Company based in Nashville who teamed him up with songwriters and producer Kent Wells. In August of 2019 he self-released his debut EP. Two of his songs from the EP, Good Things Are Comin’ & A Little Belief, have made their way across the United States as well as the UK and a few other countries.

After the delays that COVID created he is finally releasing a new single. Rich Man is his newest song and is releasing 6/18/21. It’s a song about appreciating the finer things in life instead of using material objects to find happiness. Rich Man can be found on all major streaming services and is also available for purchase via Digital Download on Adam’s website. (

“Rich man is truly a song that I believe most people can relate to. Especially those who like to keep it simple. It has a great feel to it but it’s still a fast enough song to keep attention.” -AH

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Adam Highbarger
Song Title: Rich Man
Publishing: Shakes Spear Music
Publishing Affiliation: SESAC
Publishing 2: Sounds by AH/Twist of Lemmon Music
Publishing Affiliation 2: BMI
Album Title: Rich Man
Record Label: Sounds By AH