Rachel Shaps

“My New Obsession”

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Publishing: Aqualuna Publishing

Publishing Affiliation: SESAC

Album Title: My New Obsession

Record Label: Aqualuna







Rachel Shapiro is a singer/songwriter with a flare for the creative. She combines her folk-style storytelling with a Pop/Alternative sound. Her vocals are also sprinkled with a hint of New Orleans soul, of which she certainly inherited from her grandmother, the legendary Eartha Kitt. Rachel was born an old soul, which she clearly conveys through the depth of her lyrics and in her comforting and confident demeanor. She is both beautiful inside and out and loves to connect with others, both in person and through social media. In the last 5 years, Rachel has grown a loyal and engaged social media presence with her flare for fashion and creative content. Her energy and passion for life are infectious, and are sure to bring her great success.

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Rachel Shapiro


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