Melvis Long has been a songwriter since the 80’s. So far he has written over 90 songs that have been recorded by several different artist. He has teamed with guitarist Garrick Alden a former Guitar player at the Grand Ole Opry and was featured in Guitar Player Magazine as a premier guitar player. Most of the songs written by Melvis are about life. Sometimes he can write a song just by talking to other people, or watching TV. Born in the mountains of West Virginia most of his songs are country but he has branched out and started writing different styles of music, including Rock, Funk, Instrumentals and other genres. This song being released was written by Melvis several years ago and it’s first release as an artist. We hope you enjoy the song. Preay For Better Days is available on all digital download sites including YouTube. His website is He would love to hear from you. Thanks and god bless.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Melvis Long
Song Title: Pray For Better Days
Publishing: Eddie C Life
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Pray For Better Days
Record Label: My Two Cats Publishing

Record Label:
My Two Cats Publishing
Melvin Long