“Aint No Secret”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Publishing: Poppyiris
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Ain
t No Secret Record Label: Independent


Poppyiris is ready to take flight at Country radio with their new single “Ain’t No Secret”. There is already an early buzz for this release as it gets set to break at radio. “We’re getting some very strong words of encouragement from our music and program directors”, sights Chad Bell chart editor at National Radio Hits. Mike Lusk and Deedee O’Malley make up this unique duo. O’Malley resides in Los Angeles and Lusk in Nashville. They tour from Nashville to Los Angeles with the legendary Chris Nole (John Denver’s pianist for the length of his career as well as his tribute concerts) and Pete Young (drummer for Loretta Lynn and countless others) They both sing and play guitar with Mike on bass and Deedee on piano and mandolin. With the release of this new single, expect some big things to happen for the dynamic duo the world is about to know as Poppyiris.


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