Multiple award-winning singer songwriter entertainer John Michael Ferrari writes emotional storytelling cross-genre songs about life’s experiences with touches of sophistication and childlike wonder. There is no place he would rather be than “on stage”. His favorite saying is “There’s never a stranger in the audience.”

At the end of 2022, alone, John Michael was named “Performer of the Year” at the eZWay Golden Gala 2022, his song “Masquerading in the Night” was voted “Best Song Production 2022” at the Museboat Live Channel, and John Michael was awarded “Outstanding Male Singer Songwriter 2022” by the Nashville Music Foundation,

John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay, his music producer for over 3 decades, split their time between Nashville and their ranch in Pahrump, Nevada. John Michael Ferrari writes, arranges, and performs his original country pop crossover jazz gospel songs. For his perceived lack of respect for musical genres, John Michael Ferrari was named “Crossover Artist of the Year” by the New Music Awards 2021.

John Michael’s songs have landed on Top 40, Country, and Gospel radio charts and playlists. An example is “Paint You a Love Song,” penned for his friend’s wedding, as of December 2022 is several weeks at #1 on the Country Radio Chart and the Mainstream Radio Chart on the Independent Music Network.

To date, all reviews of John Michael Ferrari’s songs have been 100% positive. One example, in part, is Soundlooks, the Sound Journal: “John Michael Ferrari “My Heart Can’t Breathe” constitutes a high point in the artist’s catalog”. “The award-winning singer-songwriter John Michael Ferrari has returned with a generous and emotional single, entitled ‘My Heart Can’t Breathe’ . . . giving John Michael another chance to showcase his versatility as a songwriter, not to mention that gift of a voice, equally impressive as a languid croon, or when reaching resonant heights. It’s immediately apparent that working with producer Pepper Jay is a good fit. Pepper has created something that has a fresh pop feel, while giving a nod to classic singer-songwriter tracks, all the while curbing any tendency to veer off on indulgent musical tangents, allowing John Michael Ferrari’s voice to dominate, with the support of Tania Hancheroff’s backing vocals. Indeed, ‘My Heart Can’t Breathe’ is all crisp, multi-tracked pianos, electric guitars and swooning harmonies.”

When asked about his many successes, John Michael Ferrari responds with a big smile, “I am delighted at the positive response to our songs and excited every time I can share them with an audience. It’s a fun ride.”

Pepper Jay has produced three albums for John Michael Ferrari on their independent label “Cappy Records”: “My Early Life” (1994), “Be the Smile on Your Face” (2020), and “My Heart Can’t Breathe” (2022). The two recent albums were recorded at Larry Beaird Music Group, Nashville. Presently in production is their next album, a pop crossover album tentatively titled “I Keep Dreaming”.

Pepper Jay was named “Outstanding AC Music Producer of the Year” (2022) for “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by Producers Choice Honors. “Be the Smile on Your Face” was named “Triple A Album of the Year 2021” also by the Producer’s Choice Honors.

Also recently, New Music Weekly named John Michael Ferrari Adult Contemporary Breakthrough Artist of the Year 2022, John Michael Ferrari was voted “Fan Favorite 2022” for his song “My Heart Can’t Breathe” by the Independent Music Network, was twice the winner of the United Kingdom Radio contest Ignition Country Radio in 2022, was voted “Rising Star 2021” at the eZWay Magazine Gala, was awarded “Best Peace Song” 2020 at the Hollywood Tribute to the Oscars by Art 4 Peace for his song “Like a Rock n Roll Band,” and was named Singer Songwriter of the Year 2019 at the Fame Awards.

John Michael Ferrari has been honored to have graced the covers of several magazines in the past couple of years including New Music Weekly, Hollywood Weekly Nashville, and eZWay Magazine.

Trivia: John Michael Ferrari and Pepper Jay are teachers and the authors of “Dynamic Song Performance, The Singer’s Bible.” John Michael is also the author of “Acting with Your Eyes”.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: John Michael Ferrari
Song Title: You’re My Dream Girl
Publishing: Pepper Jay Productions
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: My Heart Can’t Breathe
Record Label: Cappy

Record Label:
Cappy Records
Pepper Jay