Rising artist TayOG continues to deliver songs that will pierce your soul from a 2nd installment of his mixtape “Feelings of Savage”. TayOG is stirred by different phases of love; be it self love, love for afflictions or love for obsessions, narrated stories that will strike different ends of a person. “I wanted to make something that people could relate to, bring my emotions to light and let my vulnerability tell a story that everybody can understand no matter what you’re going through” TayOG answered when asked on how he came up with his new mixtape, by exposing his vulnerability and telling stories which everyone can understand regardless of what they are enduring.

TayOG thinks his fans will get a breath of fresh air with his new mixtape and will continue to relate to his songs, he said that “for the people who go through similarities they’ll understand that they’re not alone and that no matter who you are you always have a voice.” offering enjoyable music with good rhythm that will surely bring people to their mood whether partying, enjoying a joyride, or having time alone.

Feelings of a savage 2 sheds light to the inner feelings of people who are often misunderstood, it tells real emotions that people are perceiving day to day, Giving listener an insight through the hard knock. His music consistently gives listeners subjective interpretation depending on what they are going through in their lives.

His mixtape Feelings Of A Savage 2 is available now on all platforms.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Tayog
Song Title: Nobody
Publishing: Revoc Productions
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Feelings Of A Savage 2
Record Label: Revoc Productions

Record Label:
Revoc Productions
Lee M
Revoc Productions