Charlesy is a songwriter and music producer and was a founder member of the Accelerators, initially on guitar/vocals and then moving to bass/vocals. The Accelerators enjoyed 21 years of playing gigs across the south-west of England and achieved airplay on BBC Radio Two, ITV soap Emmerdale and on many other radio stations around the world.

He also played shows in the Dominican Republic with Los Tres Rebeldes including 3 memorable gigs in the women’s prison at Najayo to publicise prison reforms which were put in place to make them more humane.

These days he focuses on writing, producing and recording. His latest songwriting project is the country album ‘Nine Country Nuggets’ by the Charlesys, which was recorded by some wonderful musicians in Nashville itself! As the album is all about the songs, ‘The Charlesys’ are the songs themselves. Please have a listen and if possible like and share it.

Here is the running order for ‘Nine Country Nuggets’:
1) ‘With You I’ve Found Myself’ (feel good, positive and happy, try not singing along!)
2) ‘Cut Me and I’ll Bleed’ (I’m not perfect but loving you is all that I really need)
3) ‘Road Trip Night’ (feeling good and having a road trip with my friends)
4) ‘This Day Was Made to Last’ (a beautiful summer day with your love )
5) ‘Time Just Seems to Go’ (once we were together, but drifted apart)
6) ‘Calling My Name’ (the love faded but I’ll always be there for you)
7) ‘I Couldn’t Know’ (I couldn’t know that I’d fall in love with you)
8) ‘Rolling Home to You’ (an unlikely start but it turned into love)
9) ‘Together We Feel Good’ (fun foot stomping bluegrass feel good song)

All songs written by and Michael Charles

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Charlesys
Song Title: With You I’ve Found Myself
Publishing: Michael Charles
Publishing Affiliation: PRS
Album Title: Nine Country Nuggets
Record Label: Michael Charles

Record Label:
Michael Charles
Michael Charles