This song was inspired by a poem written about a tragic loss in 2020. The music was created in an upbeat electronic way to highlight how Love Lives On. The song is produced by Austin Shawn in East Nashville with powerful vocals by Autumn Knight.

Night Train combines Autumn’s soul background with her modernized 80’s electro pop sound. The strings at the end give off a feeling of freedom. Night Train shares a message of hope & love through not only the lyrics but the sonic landscape as well.

As a child, Autumn was mesmerized by the vocals of Tori
Amos and Sarah McLachlan and knew she was destined to make music and write original
songs. Along with writing music, Autumn is a professionally trained vocalist, pianist and guitarist. She earned a partial scholarship to Berklee College of Music in Boston from her song, “Don’t Ask Why”. Autumn is bringing a new energy to the pop world and has the vocals to back it up.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Autumn Knight
Song Title: Night Train
Publishing: Knight Recording Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Night Train
Record Label: Autumn Knight Music

Robyn Levin
Robyn Levin