With fan comments like Hoss I could listen to that all day long!!!!, Ramblin’ Jake is a country fiddler and singer who’s stepping up from the back line for one of Southern Virginia’s country favorites to share his own country sound. Growing up in an 1800s plantation farmhouse in Sumter, SC and later upbringing in Southern Virginia, the simple joys of country living are brought to life in his music. Ramblin’ Jake has performed with bands including The Culprits, Prairie Dusters, Black Pearl, Phoebus Rio, Hampton Rogues, Thru w/ Therapy and Mason Brown and The Shiners. Along the way he and his bandmates have picked up a few awards including Meona Music Award for Best Americana, Aiken Music Fest Award accompanying Mason Brown and multiple VEER Magazine Music awards for his popular music venue Victorian Station The Big Pink. His debut single “Hammock in July” reached #3 on Nashville New Music Weekly Country Charts for small market AM/FM Country and his second release, “Old Prince” reached #1. The Nashville Songwriter Association International (NSAI) included Ramblin’ Jake on their “Ones to Watch” list for July/Aug ’21 and he received a VEER Magazine Music Award as “Best Americana/Bluegrass/Old-Time” in Jan ’22. In Feb ’22 Ramblin’ Jake was nominated as Country Group of the Year by New Music Weekly Magazine. His most recent song “Crooked River”, collaborated with Ray Bruce, reached #1 for Eastern and Central U.S. regions on NMW AM/FM Country Charts. In May ’22, Ramblin’ Jake & Thru w/ Therapy opened for Tony Jackson and in Dec ’22 Ramblin’ Jake performed on stage with Nashville’s Andrea Whitt. In Jan ’23 Ramblin’ Jake received a nomination for “Best Bluegrass” by VEER Magazine Music Awards.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Ramblin’ Jake
Song Title: Church Ship Hawk
Publishing: Victorian Station Big Pink
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Church Ship Hawk
Record Label: Victorian Station Big Pink