The new Recovery album is full of songs focused on resilience and bouncing back from difficult times. A collection of relaxing and moving originals, as well as new interpretations of songs from Mariah Carey, Billy Joel, Oh Wonder, George Michael, and soulful B-sides. Piano, blended with beats, synth and real strings, results atmospheric production which acts as a detox for the soul.

Resilience is a personal word for Natalie, who has survived multiple traumas including the death of her brother when she was a teenager and being hit as a pedestrian in a crosswalk, an accident which broke her pelvis in four places and meant that she had to learn to walk again.

Despite these setbacks, Natalie has returned to her active lifestyle of dance, yoga, ice skating and running 5Ks (including virtual ones during the Pandemic, for which she’s collected another six medals – tracing routes through Paris, London, Mount Fiji and Kilmanjaro, among others). You can hear these battles as well as these triumphs throughout the 12 track album that confronts feeling like you have nothing to say when the world is upside down, acknowledging victory is never free, and yet with time and effort, you can find the lights to guide you home.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Natalie Nicole Gilbert
Song Title: Victory Is Never Free
Publishing: Natalie Nicole Gilbert
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Publishing 2: Maja Vasilj
Publishing Affiliation 2: HDS
Album Title: Recovery
Record Label: Harbor Road Entertainment

Record Label:
Harbor Road Entertainment