Kikee Bah is a polyglot, independent singer/songwriter, based in Los Angeles, California. The artist has been recording albums and EPs, under her own record label (Musique For Life), since 2016. Her style of music is a combination of Neo-Soul, Afro-beat and Pop. Being fluent in multiple languages (Spanish, French, English) has allowed her to reach out to an international market. Most recently, Kikee Bah has released an EP titled Kamakasi/Mutu Ya Makasi, a term derived from Lingala (One of the main languages in The Democratic Republic of The Congo) which means the brave/being strong headed/determined. The music video for How Can I Repay You, the first track of this EP, a song of gratitude dedicated to the people who made a difference in her life, is now available for viewing on most platforms.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Kikee Bah
Song Title: How Can I Repay You
Publishing: Kikee Bah Music
Publishing Affiliation: SOCAN
Album Title: How Can I Repay You
Record Label: Musique For Life

Record Label:
Musique For Life
Larry Weir
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National Record Promotion
Larry Weir