DAMEL Bliss brings the heat, straight out of New York, music that’s sexual, passionate, sharing an intimate look into his love life. Taking you right to the edge of eroticism. Freaky beats, provocative lyrics. passionate music.
He a singer/producer traveling the glob living life to it’s fullest, He aims please, fulfill your fantasies, your desires, spoil you and keep you in a state of bliss.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Damel
Song Title: More And More
Publishing: Light Of Wiggins Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Publishing 2: Robert Wiggins
Publishing Affiliation 2: BMI
Album Title: So Sexy
Record Label: Wiggitone

Record Label:
Wiggitone Records
Robert D. Wiggins
Nadine Wiggins
Booking Agent:
Ralph Magwood