Independent recording artist DaVonti of St Louis is gearing up for the release of his debut music project. His EP titled “The Intro,” will be released through Face Up Music on September 23. “Money Rain” is the first single to be promoted from the project. The singer says listeners can expect to hear music written from an authentic space that showcases the “good, bad, and the ugly” part of life and relationships. “I’m just a regular guy who wants to make music,” says DaVonti, who was born and raised in STL. “I feel that a lot of entertainers get caught up in showing off the clothes and making music about cars, money and h*es.” “My approach is to show the everyday guy,” he adds. “Real n*ggas do R&B too.” DaVonti wasn’t always sure he wanted to pursue a music career. He never imagined being at the forefront. “I’m a writer and I’m low-key,” he says. “My plan was to be the guy writing for other artists.” While he did write for a few independent musicians, friends and family convinced him that his voice needed to be shared with the world and he belonged on a stage. The singer’s Face Up Music team helped him choose “Money Rain” as the first single to promote the project. He performed it live when Shade 45 stopped in his hometown at the end of July 2021. “We tested this record by throwing it out thereto a few DJs and clubs and we liked the response,” says Sean “BD” Caldwell, co-owner of Face Up Music. “It’s a feel-good record that men and women will like.” DaVonti was happy to describe the record as an ode to the gentlemen’s club.

“Every guy goes into a strip club and he looks for whatever it is that he likes,” DaVonti explained. “And when he sees what he likes, he has to let that money rain. It should be like money falling from the sky.” “Money Rain” is already receiving radio play in St. Louis, Atlanta and Houston. Despite much of radio being saturated with hip hop and pop records, he is confident that fans still want to hear R&B. “There’s still a lane for musicians to create the kind of music that I make,” DaVonti says.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Davontie
Song Title: Money Rain
Publishing: Face Up Music STL
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: The Intro
Record Label: Face Up Entertainment