Eden Langworthy was born in Madison Florida in March 1967..He is the fourth of eight children. In his younger years Eden was raised in Brooksville Florida. Then in his teen years his family moved to Williston Florida. To say Eden was a Hellraiser in his younger days is a understatement. He often got in trouble at school..was always in fights.. and didn’t take no bull from anybody. He never started fights,but he never backed down from one.

Eden married at the young age of 18 in August 1985. Him & his wife Windy had 2 kids, Jacob & Chelsey. They are still married today. They just celebrated their 35 anniversary. Eden picked up the guitar, pen & paper at the age of 13 & thats when his love of writing & composing started. He would play and write songs for hours. In time he started meeting & getting to know people in the music industry.

Eden had the oppertunity to write with Award winning song writer Lonnie Wilson. He also wrote & composed many songs with Nashville recording artist Craig Hand, lead singer of Bushhawg RCA records. He was starting to go places then the tragedy of his only son Jacob happened. In 2005 Jacob was murdered. That put a hault on all of Eden’s dreams. He stopped writing. Had no interest in music. He felt this way for a very long time. Just in the past year he picked up his guitar & slowly got back into writing & composing and singing Country music again.

Eden has many,many demos of his songs he has written through out the years. It was just this year when he decided to go to Nashville & record some of his songs in a master session. It has been his life long Dream & now is the time he gets to fulfill his passion. He will be recording with Nashville’s own Kenny Royster. Kenny is an Emmy award winning producer. He has produced many well known Country & Gospel Artist. Now the journey begin again.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Eden Langworthy
Song Title: Mom, Dad And Home
Publishing: Eden Langworthy Music
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Life Goes On
Record Label: Elm

Radio Promotion:
James Williams Promotions
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