Modern Hype


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Publishing: Modern Hype

Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP

Album Title: Sniper

Record Label: Jaded


From school friends to forming the rap and hip hop act Modern Hype this is a story that forged a bond of mutual love for music to making a difference to peoples lives. Yaro, Ace-Letay and D-Zee met when they were in the high School marching band but the music of Souza was not their preferred style they needed to find their own voice, which they quickly did. With their musical hip hop path clear they bounced around a few names until they settled on the name Modern Hype, and, this Atlanta act is not hyped up like all too many in the music business when you hear Modern Hype you will believe the hype. What is apparent from the first listen is that these three young men use their music to inspire each other and inspire others to reach for their goals. Drawing from diverse influences not just in the hip-hop field, they have developed a unique sound, knowing no boundaries, simply intent on becoming the best in the business. Under the guidance and direction of a team of music notables, who combine their knowledge and expertise to collaborate with talent on the Atlanta based independent record label Jaded Records. The trio of Modern Hype is set to break into the music industry with a new & very powerful hype.

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Larry Weir – 323-658-7449

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