MICALL is a fearless singer, songwriter, pianist and musician who isn’t afraid to speak her truth and express her true self. She cuts across eras with her scintillating melodies and immaculate wordplay in order to tell compelling stories through intricate and meticulous composition. Born to a middle eastern, musical family in Los Angeles, she was influenced by various genres of music from middle eastern music to Bob Dylan and the Beatles, as well as artists like Linkin Park, Shakira, Alanis Morissette, Evanescence, Tori Amos, Nirvana, Madonna, Lady GaGa, and many others!

MICALL is one artist who can not be boxed into a category and her sound extends into contemporary music as well as Pop, Piano and alternative music. MICALL is a really versatile artist, whose music blurs the lines between different genres. Her ability to incorporate contrasting musical ideas from various genres and combine them with meaningful lyrics and experiences means that listeners are treated to entertainment that is filled with substance and purpose.

MICALL wants people to live free, regardless of their ethnicity or background. She will be releasing more music that will make a difference and help people connect to their true selves. Her music showcases her versatility and varied musical ideas. Her overarching ambition is to inspire people by capturing meaningful moments through music and transporting her listeners to a place where they can be lost in the music.


BIGGER THAN YOU is about the inability to escape who you really are; you can try as hard as you want to try to conform to the standards of others, and yet, who you naturally are is going to insist on leading your life. In other words, we cannot hide from ourselves – not for too long. Eventually, we have to face ourselves, we have to face our gifts, we have to face our darkness, we have to face our potential, we have to face fear in the eye and not let it control us. The hope is that everyone can enjoy their experience of life that is only felt inside our body. to live inside of our body. experiencing life from within.

COURTROOM HEADTRIP: This song raises awareness about toxic connections as a form of unhealthy love. Domestic Violence is more common than we might realize* (see facts and resources below “Lyrics”), so it’s important to understand more deeply the dynamic of two people in a toxic relationship. The bottom line is that the people who are hurting need a hug, need love, need compassion, need understanding, and need deep healing. By educating ourselves on common relationship patterns, this might lead us to what we all want: True Love and Connection that feels healthy to both parties and that enhances the lives of both parties. In this song, MICALL sings “we both couldn’t win” because everyone loses out on the love and connection they’re wanting — the “abuser”, the “victim”, and the “victim shamers”. What might help everyone win so that they experience healthy love and healthy relationships? Something to think about.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Micall
Song Title: Bigger Than You
Publishing: Paint A Piano Purple, INC.
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Paint A Piano Purple
Record Label: Paint A Piano Purple