Marc OHeartman is the musical alter ego of Dr. Marco R., a Medical Doctor from Germany. Marc uses psychotherapy to help people cope with, and overcome, difficult situations in their lives. The knowledge and humanity that Marco experiences through his work with his patients has its outlet in his songs. The sometimes difficult conversations he has had are processed through verses about life and meaning, with the aim, as with his work, of shining a light upon the chances for hope, positivity, and enriching moments.

And just as Marco is a positive and approachable person, the philosophy of his songs is wrapped up within a poppy, simple, sound.

“Light It Up” is a Christmas song that was inspired by the reactions of Marco’s patients to the coronavirus pandemic. The necessity of isolation has caused an upheaval in the lives of people around the world, and for those already suffering fears, compulsions, and feelings of depression, the negative feelings have become greatly heightened. We long for stability, but our foundations continue to be rocked.

Yet when everything seems different, there is always the chance for a moment of normality and peaceful stillness. The tradition of Christmas, of enjoying the family secret recipe on Christmas Eve, or watching “Home Alone” after a warming meal, is one such chance. From within the depths of darkness, let us Light It Up.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Marc O’Heartman
Song Title: Light It Up
Publishing: Carsten Enghardt
Publishing Affiliation: GEMA
Album Title: Light It Up
Record Label: Enghardt Media

Record Label:
Enghardt Media
Carsten Enghardt
Radio Promotion:
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James Plimmer
Now Listen PR
James Plimmer