“Little Cards & Letters” is the newest single by Rebel Hearts. An up-tempo love song straight from the heart. Don delivers a fun fast-paced lead vocal to an instrumental track perfect for the dance floor! “Little Cards & Letters” was written by Reno songwriter Marty Easter & Reno country artist Rick Hays.

Rebel Hearts Biography:
Rebel Hearts is Vocal Duo comprised of Don McDowell & Darren Castellano. Their music is a blend of country and rock that draws on influences like Eagles, Elvis and Garth. Rebel Hearts has had a long string of #1 Indie Hits from 1998-2020 and first broke into the Billboard Charts in 2000 with their remake of When Will I Be Loved.

Rebel Hearts-Runnin Wild featured 12 original songs and 5 videos, including Daddy’s Dream, Everything to Me, Colorado, Good to Go, Jesse Dunn, Wrangler Walk and Hard Rock Hotel.

All 5 Videos had extensive airplay on GAC. When Will I Be Loved, Daddy’s Dream and Everything to Me aired on Great American Country (GAC) 2001 thru 2003. Jesse Dunn & Wrangler Walk were released in late 2009 2012. Broke the Mold was released to radio in 2015. “Mountain Country” was released in late 2016. “Baby Doll” in 2017 & “Hero’s” in 2018.

Rebel Hearts more recently released to radio “60 Years Ago” in spring 2019, “Good To Go” in fall 2020. “Country Rockin’ Tonight” in spring of 2022. They have been writing & recording a lot of new material for the last 2 years and are excited to go back to radio, while working to finalize the newest Rebel Hearts CD Project.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Rebel Hearts
Song Title: Little Cards And Letters
Publishing: McD`s Mountain Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Little Cards And Letters
Record Label: RHR

Radio Promotion:
James Williams Promotions
James Williams