Frais’ sound captures everything that he embodies; an outsider, an artist not by trade, but by life, and more than anything, the same kid who was raised by a single mother on the West side of Charlotte, always standing on his own and always refusing the norm.

Using this identity to create music as an “expression of life,” Frais’ style has become just that. From carefully-curated visuals all the way to his mesmeric sound, the budding star is building a world of his own creation, and doing so with a thunderous ear for sonics, from hard-nosed deliveries to soaring moments of melody, all of which land under the same catalog. Versatility aside though, the common string is an artist sure of himself and rooted in life experience, determined as ever.

As he’s built his name within rap’s underground and toured all over the world with artists including G Herbo, Germ, and Lil Gnar, among others, Frais has garnered momentum with a true-to-self style of music. He has something to say, and going from the West side of Charlotte to headlining shows, he’s more than ready to be heard. Just watch.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Frais w/Gnar
Song Title: Metal Gear
Publishing: Made Management
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Metal Gear
Record Label: Set

Record Label:
Roman Mrozek
Roman Mrozek