Chris Loid is an independent artist and songwriter who was never told that life would be easy, his path to bring him to where he is today was paved with hard work and grit. He was born and raised in small town Washington where the out west lifestyle influence was built in to daily living. His mother always said he was singing in the womb, but the rest of us had to wait for his very first public performance as a three-year-old boy in the little community church in that same town where he was born. By the time he was six years old he tagged along with his mothers gospel group the Lighthouse singers getting his solo performance debut and began to travel and perform outside of his small town. In high school he broadened his musical interest and learned to play multiple instruments. As a sixteen year old his talent took him places where he had never been, in to bars, pubs, and taverns throughout eastern Washington and northeast Oregon. He even performed at the legendary Pendleton Round Up for many years, where much to his excitement he received rave reviews from folks all over the northwest.

Early on, Chris traveled to Nashville so he could better dedicate his time to music. After his return home to Washington he married his wife. With the familys support and blessing Chris has traveled through the great northwest, first to Portland, OR where his album Back Road Home was produced. He travelled on to Tennessee and even Dallas-Forth Worth, Texas where he performed with Outlaw Hank and alongside Tejano band Grupo Stampede. Chris passion was made stronger with his first number one on the major independent charts; he had gained the support of his local community as the audience widened across the world. Chris has had many number one hits on the indie charts across the United States and abroad.

The road to his dreams gave him perspective and it can be felt through his soulful performances. Chris has performed in front of crowds ranging from 1 to 85,000 people. Chris developed his unique sound from a love of music and collection of heroes from multiple genres from gospel to rock and roll. People often ask how he hits the high notes and he tells them its all about focus, work, and practice. If you havent had the pleasure to enjoy Chris Loids sound, skill and soul you are truly missing out. Moving forward, Chris is now performing with a group of talented artists who make up Green Light Polly making the feature Chris Loid and Green Light Polly a winning combination.

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Artist Name: Chris Loid And Green Light Polly
Song Title: Light This Mother Up
Publishing: GLP Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Chris Loid and Green Light Polly
Record Label: GLP

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