Kristin Estilow is releasing her new single, God’s Love (D. D. Jackson Gospel Remix) on May 7th. The song is up for Pre-Order Now!!! Kristin Estilow (Music and Lyrics), D. D. Jackson (Producer, Engineer, Background Vocals, Bass, Tambourine, Organ, Piano), John McCurry (Guitar), Jay Rodriguez (Saxophone), Tony Lewis (Drums). The song is Gospel/ RNB.

Kristin Estilow is Head of Mykis Records and this will be her first release on her label as her real name. Kristin has released music only as her character Mykis (with Mykis Records) until now. This is technically Kristin Estilow’s debut on Mykis Records.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Kristin Estilow
Song Title: God’s Love
Publishing: Kristin Estilow/D. D. Jackson
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: God’s Love
Record Label: Mykis

Record Label:
Mykis Records
Kristin Estilow