Kill the Headlights is a rock band from Washington state in the United States. They got started in 2018 when Nathun and Ryan, both fed up with bouncing from band to band, got together to make some music. Nathun, a singer/songwriter, artist, and teacher from the state of Idaho, has a penchant for writing songs that are reminiscent of Tom Petty, Bob Dylan, Garth Brooks, and other greats from the not-so-distant past. He cut his teeth on the local musician circuit, blowing people away with his ability to connect with audiences through his highly relatable and catchy tunes. Ryan grew up in a military household in various regions of the United States, which ultimately led him to join the military himself. This somewhat nomadic lifestyle allowed him draw inspiration from many experiences, both positive and extremely dark, to influence his songwriting. He got his start playing at open jam nights in blues bars around the country. His songs bring his life experiences to listeners through storytelling and memorable melodies. When Nathun and Ryan finally came together, they knew they had something special when they were able to work together to write a song during their very first jam session. Once they had a dozen or so songs put together, they shifted their focus to completing the lineup and ultimately dubbed the group Kill the Headlights, named after a now abandoned song title. They have spent the last three years recording and playing live shows in the Pacific Northwest of the United States, and they look forward to bringing their music to the masses.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Kill The Headlights
Song Title: Bottom Of The Bottle
Publishing: Ryan Bowen
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: The Shack
Record Label: Kill The Headlights

Record Label:
Kill The Headlights