This EP is the first release to mark the start of a new adventure, illustrating Rude Jude’s commitment to a smooth and melodic vintage sound.

Featuring 3 original songs, a cover and an epilogue, it is deeply inspired by the legends of Yacht Rock, Adult Oriented Rock and a mix of 70s/80s Soft Rock, Jazz and Pop.

The contribution of the talented vocalist, songwriter and violin player, Jon GK can’t be understated in creating and interpreting these songs. All the parts are played by musicians and the production is made through as much analog gear from that era as possible. It is not just a tribute but an attempt to carry the torch and bring something new to the current music landscape.

A.O.R is very much alive! Rude Jude is amongst a new generation of artists with the passion and dedication to maintaining the quality standard of 70s & 80s music. The meticulous attention to the details of songwriting, production, mixing and presentation are all in the service of connecting with the listener and letting them feel the emotions written in the music.

Jude has always been making music and has been fascinated by the golden age of music recording and production. This is one of the reasons he regularly creates music and play live with legendary artist Dabeull. With this project, he brings it all together: his years of studying jazz and his endless pursuit of authentic sounding production.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Rude Jude & Jon Gk
Song Title: Heart To Heart
Publishing: Dabeull Records Publishing
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Heart To Heart
Record Label: Rude

Record Label:
Rude Records