Joe Taylor

“Don’t Change”


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Publishing: Joe Taylor

Publishing Affiliation: BMI

Album Title: Don’t Change

Record Label: Independent


Recording artist Joe Taylor brings us another music masterpiece with his latest release in Don’t Change. Its the follow-up to his first single “I Cant Make You Love (Independent) that hit #1 on many US music charts including National Radio Hits. We are so excited about this song that we will be featuring it on our New Music Monday this week and you can expect a flood of votes for his best single to date, says WNHE music director Michele Sanders. The talented singer/songwriter originally from Toronto now calls New York his home. “Soulful”, “Evocative” and “Awe-inspiring” are words that have been used by fans and music critics to describe the Joe Taylor live experience. Joe is able to connect with audiences through his unique artistry, combining stellar songwriting, soaring vocals and stripped-down instrumentation. His album Anythings Possible, captures the magic and vibrancy of his live performances. Two new albums are in the works – “Follow The Trend Part 2” & “Heartfelt Graffiti” slated for later this year but for now the music world can enjoy another offering in Don’t Change from the always brilliant Joe Taylor.

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