From the West Coast of Canada, Jocelyn Pettit is a vibrant fiddle player, stepdancer and singer. With uplifting energy and engaging stage presence, Jocelyn integrates the folk traditions of her roots into her performances and compositions.

Over the past 15 years, Jocelyn has performed across North America and internationally, appeared on CBC and BBC television and radio, performed with Irish supergroup The Chieftains, and received multiple award nominations at the Canadian Folk Music Awards and Western Canadian Music Awards. She has a Master of Music Degree from the Royal Conservatoire of Scotland in Glasgow.

Jocelyn’s third release, Wind Rose, features original compositions inspired by journey and self-discovery, and fresh interpretations of traditional and contemporary tunes. Nominated for “Solo Artist of the Year” at the 2023 Canadian Folk Music Awards, the album brings listeners through uplifting melodies, rhythmic grooves, soulful songs, and lively dance tunes.

The International Acoustic Music Award-winning piece, ‘Silk and Spice’, incorporates Eastern-inspired intervals and ornaments, bowed textures, and African clay udu drums to convey a sense of open-minded exploration and journeying.

Jocelyn is joined on this track by top-notch musicians, Ellen Gira (cello), Ali Hutton (guitar), and Lauri Lyster (percussion).

“‘Silk and Spice’ brings chamber-style ensemble sophistication to a groovy folk ditty that pops with syncopated punch. Marvellous contemporary music rooted in multi-hued history.”
– Songlines Magazine

“The artful ‘Silk and Spice’ just can’t be beat.”
– FolkWales Magazine

“The opening bars of “Silk and Spice” feel more like the introduction to a rock song but using traditional instruments. As the title would suggest it blends in eastern sounds, both through the fiddle tunes and in the accompanying percussion. If you love highly crafted, beautifully played music of any genre, you will love this album. So what are you waiting for?”
– FATEA Magazine

“A captivating album.”
– FolkWorld Magazine

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Jocelyn Pettit
Song Title: Silk And Spice
Publishing: Jocelyn Pettit
Publishing Affiliation: SOCAN
Album Title: Wind Rose
Record Label: Jocelyn Pettit Music