Jim Luke

“Dear Beer”

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Publishing: Jim Luke

Publishing Affiliation: BMI

Album Title: Angel That Fell

Record Label: Edgewater Music Group

Website(s): www.angelthatfell.com

Music is my life. I walk to rhythms, think in lyrics, and dream with melodies. My music journey began banging pots & pans before I could even walk. I progressed to a drumset and by age 15 I was in a working band, playing fairs and festivals in NW Missouri and SW Iowa. I have since logged hundreds of hours performing and many hours in the studio. I began writing lyrics as a teen and took to the piano and guitar to complete the songwriting. I have since written hundreds of songs. Angel That Fell is a 4 song EP from 12 choice songs. No sad songs and no slow songs. My goal is to record the other 8 songs and release all 12 on a cd/album. Find “Dear Beer” on Apple Music, iTunes, and Spotify! Thank for visiting!

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Jim Luke


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