Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: David Wayne
Song Title: I Never Heard It Like That
Publishing: Spence Lane Pub/Arkansas Cave Man
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: I Never Heard It Like That
Record Label: JGS11


Although not yet a household name, David Wayne is no stranger to Country music and Nashville. He grew up with the sounds of his father Playing and singing along to country greats like George Jones, George Strait and Marty Robbins. The first record David Wayne owned was Merle Haggard and his favorite to this day is George Jones. By the time he was In High School he was singing, writing song lyrics and playing drums and guitar. He attended the Country Music Awards in the early 80’s, where his singing and songwriting caught the attention of Barry Beckett who requested that he do a showcase. That is where David Wayne was introduced to Nelson Larkin, as well as two staff writers, Buck Moore and Richard Ross who became co-writers and good friends over the years.

Family responsibilities called him back home to Indiana. But David Wayne Has not remained idle in his pursuit of music during his time away from Nashville. Though on a more part-time basis, he has continued with his songwriting, performing Locally on his own and with other musicians. Serving as host and as a performer, David Wayne organized an Opry-style show in his hometown. A show that has grown through The years and now features classic Grand Ole Opry alumni greats as guest.

David Wayne lost his wife of 35 years following an extended illness. With children Grown and having recently remarried, he is now making a return to the music he loves, drawing attention once again with his fresh take on an old country sound. David Wayne is happy to be back and collaborating with both old colleagues and new talent to finish and release some of the songs he has written over the years. He is currently working with well-known producer J. Gary Smith and his son John Smith. David Wayne’s new releases, Never Heard It Like that, was written with Richard Ross.

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