“There was a giant oak tree out back of Grandma’s house. You couldn’t really climb it because it was just too flipping BIG…but it had a tire swing. You could swing out over the ravine and glimpse nearly the whole of as much of the world as I’d seen at the time. If you could swing high enough, you could see the church half a mile away, the white headstones surrounding the church, and fields of corn and beans for endless miles beyond. Sometimes you could see the train passing up on the next ridge.”

“You’d hear the train before you saw it, grinding with serene determination as it hauled the fruits of fellow Americans’ labors to what I imagined to be thousands of fascinating destinations. As the train passed out of sight, it threw back tantalizing whispers of the vast world I imagined. Sometimes the horses talked back to the train, as if also curious what it had seen, and I wished that I could ride my horse to all of the distant places and adventures waiting wherever that train was bound.”

“I always knew I was destined to be a traveler and a collector of stories. My songs are the music I hear in my head that seems to me to have been a part of the stories all along. For the traveler, there’s always the familiar, restless pull…the long road that awaits and yet flows into the past.”

Reuben Brock is an American Country, Alt Country/Americana recording artist and songwriter based in Nashville, TN. He grew up in the western United States predominately in Colorado, Texas and Iowa. He has worked on numerous album projects and music cues for video, radio, education and business.

He has toured with various country artists throughout the United States and Canada as a keyboard player and guitarist.

The single ALMOST OKAY is out now. The previous single is BLACK HORSE THROUGH HELL.

The upcoming Reuben Brock DAMAGE studio album release follows two previous full-length studio albums, 400 HORSES and TIME AND WHISKEY.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Reuben Brock
Song Title: Almost Okay
Publishing: Jeffrey R Brockmeyer
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Damage
Record Label: Reuben Brock Music

Record Label:
Reuben Brock Music
Jeff Brockmeyer