Tower Circle

“Holding On”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Publishing: Matthew J. Hutchinson
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Holding On Record Label: Independent


Jeff Sundvick and Matt Hutchinson, Minnesota and Boston natives respectfully, met in Sacramento, California and pooled their vast musical talent as Tower Circle. Their collaboration quickly bore fruit as the bands very first single, Come a Little Closer,shot to # 1 on the National Radio Hits Chart and the Independent Music Network Chart respectively. Such an auspicious beginning deserves recognition, which is exactly what happened to Tower Circle. Matt, Jeff and Come a Little Closer won the AC 40 New Group of The Year Award (2019) from the trade publication, New Music Weekly Tower Circles music is powerful, edgy, soulful and timeless. We look forward to your becoming a part of the Tower Circle family.


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