“Hello,”Tim St.Clair is an American original singer/songwriter that performs in the Denton/Dallas/Fort Worth Texas area. The music he creates and performs has been enjoyed in more than 87 different countries around the world as of 2022. Tim makes no attempt to mimic others. His songs reflect their own identity in being “one of a kind”. All the songs are developed from his personal life, and ideas with his added touch of personality, spirituality, and imagination. This music is created to be relatable to the masses. You can feel the raw emotions, feelings, and passion he is expressing in each song. It is highly recommended that you Listen, Share, Download and Add his music to your personal favorite streaming playlist. The radio world and their listeners are set for a very exciting ride as his music takes flight.

First introductions, “Hello” or previously met- nice to see you again. This is the premise in the verbal acknowledgement of another.
“Hello” directs different circumstances in which two individuals meet, that may have a history that was more of a relationship. The communication starts as a bitter memory, then turns into a reflection of fond times.

Both persons acknowledge what was had in the past and come to terms with the possibility of revisiting the relationship. All while still reflecting on their time away and if they were to get back together, the freedoms they would lose.

Most all of us have faced such similar circumstances in our lives, “Hello.”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Tim St.Clair
Song Title: Hello
Publishing: T.C.S. Productions
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Hello
Record Label: T.C.S. Productions

Record Label:
T.C.S. Productions
Tim St.Clair
817 896 5672
Radio Promotion:
Tim St Clair
817 896 5672