Born in Canada to Russian and French parents, Sofia now lives in Dubai. Globe-trotting as a professional athlete during her youth, Sofia became fascinated by the world’s cultures and traditions. An award-winning, chart-topping R&B artist, Sofia is bound to become a formidable force in the music scene, as she keeps unveiling one stunning track after another, offering listeners a look into her powerhouse vocals and storytelling flair. Today Sofia sets off to achieve omnipresence, introducing fresh sounds, and cultural vibes while collaborating with talent from different parts of the world. 2022 has a lineup of intense singles slated for spitfire release along with epic visuals, followed by a concept album in 2023. The music world ins set for one of the best in 2022 with “Get Outta My Head” (Tsarina).

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Sofia Evangelina
Song Title: Get Outta My Head
Publishing: Sofia Evangelina
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Get Outta My Head
Record Label: Tsarina

Record Label:
Tsarina Records
Radio Promotion:
Larry Weir