Gabrielle Gutierrez is a country singer/songwriter born and raised in Southwestern Pennsylvania near Pittsburgh. From a young age, she grew inspired by music at home from her father, a self-taught musician who played in their home studio for his band and from her grandmother. She has a passion for allowing artists like herself to express their true emotions in their music. She is heavily influenced by artists Taylor Swift, The Lumineers, and Maren Morris.

In “Fall in Love Again”, she shares about that feeling of missing someone you know oh too well. She sings “and I know you like the back of my hand / I can feel myself begin to love again.”

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Gabrielle Gutierrez
Song Title: Fall In Love Again
Publishing: Gabrielle Gutierrez
Publishing Affiliation: Other
Publishing 2: SSM Publishing
Publishing Affiliation 2: Other
Album Title: Fall In Love Again
Record Label: Twelve Seventeen

Record Label:
Twelve Seventeen
Cailsey Scott
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