ELLIOTT AMBROSE is an American Country Music performer and singer/songwriter whose primary emphasis in on traditional country music. His music is punctuated by the sounds of a rich steel guitar, the twang of a Telecaster and lyrics of traditional country storytelling. His music resounds with stories of faith, family, and the struggles of the human condition in rural America.

ELLIOTT AMBROSE has a long held firm belief that traditional country music is the music of rural America, reflecting the fabric of their beliefs, and clearly needs to be preserved. Despite current trends coming out of Nashville, it is traditional country music that is still the music of the rancher, the farmer and the working man in the small towns and villages all across the fly-over states of rural America. The rural culture has not disappeared and neither has its music.

Elliott has performed his music in front of thousands for more than 20 years in those small towns throughout America and in country music venues where “real” country music is valued. He has performed the music of Merle Haggard, Buck Owens, Waylon Jennings, Jon Anderson, George Strait and just about any artist that has a, “real,” country music reputation.

His songwriting prowess has resulted in several number one songs on the independent radio charts. In July of 2016, Elliott charted the song, “Redneck Shuffle” (with his band “Tyler Creek Road”) at number one on the Indie World Country Music charts. In March of 2017, Elliott charted the song “Half Blind” number one on the Indie World chart. Finally, in July of 2019, Elliott charted “Breakfast in Texas” number one on the Indie World Country Music Chart. In February of 2017, Elliott Ambrose and his band, Tyler Creek Road, were nominated as one of the three best new country music acts of the year by New Music Weekly magazine of Nashville.

Elliott Ambrose was born in West Hamlin, West Virginia. As a child he listened to the Flatt and Scruggs Show, in the evening on an old black and white Motorola T.V. set. The music stuck and eventually segued into the country music of the day. Merle Haggard became his country music idol and Buck Owens was a close second.

Elliott Ambrose learned guitar in his late teens but never considered a career in country music instead he performed for audiences for the pure enjoyment of it. In 2002, Ambrose met up with a small band of enthusiastic would-be country musicians in a small honkytonk bar just south of Brooksville Florida. The result was the formation of a country band named “Tyler Creek Road.” Ambrose sang and played guitar for the band. Within a short period of time Ambrose and bandmate, Roger Warthen, (who also sang) were writing songs for the band. Shortly thereafter, they recorded the band’s first album. It was a modest effort but the experience motivated Ambrose to continue writing and recording music, even after the band broke up. Ambrose has been writing songs and performing ever since.

Elliott Ambrose’s philosophy is also his promise to his audience:
All music flows out of the same creative river and ultimately back again. It is the musician who takes it, shapes it and forms it. If he is successful, he finally reaches a moment in the music that is worthy of the listener’s ear.
To that end, Elliott Ambrose commits his music.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Elliott Ambrose
Song Title: The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’
Publishing: Elliot Ambrose Music
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: The Whiskey Ain’t Workin’
Record Label: Sabra

Radio Promotion:
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