D Boone Pittman’s music has always been tethered to his roots. A product of Appalachia, Pittman’s songwriting captures the depths and majesty of his homeland while giving the listener a front row vantage point to the culture and history. Pittman writes and sings about this culture and history with an authority given only to those who have lived in the area. From the historical ballads like “Casey Jones” (from the Emerge, LP) and “Furnace Mountain” (from Bluegrass American Dream) to the relational angst expressed in songs like “She Likes the Beach” or “Bardstown Train”, Pittman consistently represents his heritage in song. It’s a formula that works, and his new project is no different. In the same way he approached the hardships of the pandemic with Emerge, Pittman tackles two new topics with his upcoming album Resurrection Noise. The 10 track LP deals mostly with the subject matter of the tragic eastern Kentucky flooding from 2022, with some light hints to the passing of his father “Jackie” Pittman in 2021. “East of Ravenna”, the advanced single from the project, is meant to project hope to those still dealing with being displaced and/or grieving the loss of loved ones affected by the floods. “There is still so much left to be done and many still need our help, whether physically or financially.” He says “I wanted to do something to try to keep the focus on the region. As it stands, many are still without homes and will be for at least 2 more years. Natural disasters happen every day and our attention span chases the next new thing. I wanted to do something to redirect or focus to the area while also honoring the victims.” “East of Ravenna” is a return to his bluegrass roots with a modern approach and some experimentation. Coming out of the gate with a bagpipe drone, a ratchet, hammer and an anvil, Pittman lays the groundwork for the “resurrection noise” of rebuilding following a natural disaster.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: D Boone Pittman
Song Title: East Of Ravenna
Publishing: Darrell Pittman
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: Ressurection Noise
Record Label: D Boone Pittman Music

Record Label:
Darrell Pittman
Booking Agent:
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Billy Halls
(859) 539-3530