David LaFleurs primary career as a nuclear engineer has not deterred him from his original love of multi-instrumental, singer-songwriting. Periodically throughout his nuclear career, David has worked full and part-time as a touring folk-singer-songwriter with four CDs to his name. The balance of technical thought and creative intuition required for each career makes for an interesting mix. Ive always preferred thoughts, questions, and universal themes in my songs which makes packaging a challenge. These new songs go beyond the typical format. Now Im asking a song how it wants to be heard and where it wants to go, then learn the style, approach, and instrumentation required to meet the songs demands. If its a rock song- so be it, let it rock. This new approach seems to be working.

Davids latest efforts are socio-politically inspired. His latest single Everybody Lies is a statement about dishonesty in contemporary American politics employing Donald Trump quotes. Its collage of verse and quotes takes an innovative approach to modern songwriting. The result is a direct, in-your-face punch to the listener only hard rock at its best can evoke.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: David LaFleur
Song Title: Everybody Lies
Publishing: David Lafleur
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: 2020
Record Label: Chez LaFleur Music

Record Label:
Chez LaFleur Music