Coming from a musical family, he was born Christopher G. Delgado. He wears many hats. As a Singer, Song Writer, Entrepreneur, Producer, Screenplay Writer, and an Actor with a Directors mind. After a decade of hip hop and breakdancing in the Mecca of Brooklyn, New York, Delgado moved and spent the rest of his childhood growing up in the dirty south of Central Florida. Having Italian and Puerto Rican roots mixing the streets and Motown, soulful rock music, and island vibe influences, it formed DATALIFE the artist.

With heavy interest in songwriting he worked to find his voice, unique styled cadences and deliberately infectious and musical hooks you want to sing. Versatile on the genre spectrum, DataLife produces songs by mostly combining the genres of reggae, with pop, or hip hop with rock and even lounge infused hybrid tracks. Melodic choruses are the forte.

Music influences in rock are The Beatles, Pearl Jam, Jimmie Hendrix, and CCR.
Music influences in hip hop are LL COOL J, OutKast, Dr. Dre, Nas and Ye. Motown, Bob Marley, and Breakbeat Techno music are some others he has studied and taken the most from.

While firmly focusing on his Entrepreneurial endeavors as well as his family and friends, DataLife continued to always work on his craft and song production as a whole. Engaging his audience is the most important piece of the puzzle. Through his lyrics he strives to connect with people from all walks of life so they can relate to the struggles, joy, and the pain that we all go through. What you will find when you discover his catalog is thought provoking, genuine heart and soul. Listen to his life being poured out with a positive, honest delivery that inspires you to persevere and celebrate victory, all the while encouraging peace and unification.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Datalife
Song Title: Alligator Alley
Publishing: Data Life Music Group
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: One Bullet To Heaven
Record Label: Data Life Music Group

Record Label:
Data Life Music Group
Christopher G. Delgado
Radio Promotion:
ADD Promotion
Gary Lefkowith
(203) 727-5010