Blacktop Rodeo is an American country music group formed in 2018. The band members are Mace Smith (lead vocals), Ben Anderson (guitar), Billy Halls (bass guitar, backing vocals), Steven Miller (keys/synth), and Logan Henry (pedal steel guitar). As an independent group they have released six singles, that are on the groups first EP named after the first single, ‘A Taste Of Your Own Medicine’. Blacktop Rodeo is considered Neotraditional country (also known as new traditional country). The songs have been streamed in over 103 countries and have exceeded 32,000 streams.

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Blacktop Rodeo
Song Title: I Can’t Hold Em’
Publishing: Christopher Larry Lowe
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Publishing 2: Kenneth James Lamb
Publishing Affiliation 2: ASCAP
Album Title: A Taste Of Your Own Medicine
Record Label: BassmanBilly77

Record Label:
Billy Halls
Radio Promotion:
Billy Halls
Billy Halls
Billy Halls / Mace Smith
859-539-3530 / 615-231-0962