Billy F Otis

“Fantasy Across The Room”

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Publishing: Billy F Otis

Publishing Affiliation: BMI

Album Title: Fantasy Across The Room

Record Label: CVB Music



Billy F. Otis is set for a big move on US radio with the release of his new single “Fantasy Across The Room”. He got started late in life playing music but he hits it with all the passion he can muster. Billy writes and sings “Songs About Life You Want To Hear” and he’s a story teller. These are songs that everyone can identify with. Who hasn’t ever had to tried to get up enough courage to walk up and try to talk to their “Fantasy Across The Room?” We all have. That’s the beauty of the song. Billy started playing music late in life, when he was 40 years old to be exact. His brother-in-law gave him a C harmonica and instructional book for his 40th birthday. He started to learn to sing and play the harmonica and within a few years was fronting The Crow Valley Band which was a fixture on the Washington, DC bar and night club circuit. The Crow Valley Band was good and they played the Blues. In his mid-fifties Billy started writing songs with local DC guitar ace Mike Ault. Back then Billy didn’t play guitar but Mike did and he was good. Mike wrote the music and Billy wrote the lyrics and before long they had a guitar case full of songs. As life sometimes does it sends people down different paths. Mike began to focus more on playing guitar for manufacturer Paul Reed Smith in his band the PRS Band and Billy got sober.  Now in recovery Billy had all these songs but no one to play them with, so he did the only thing he knew how to do. He taught himself how to play guitar and began pursuing his dreams as a solo artist, singing and playing the tunes he had written with Mike and others that he had written on his own. “Fantasy Across The Room” is one of those songs. Fast forward to today Billy is playing writing and singing music full time and there is nothing he else he wants to do. His greatest ambition is to perform his original music wherever and whenever he can. “It’s my hope that you enjoy this new song half as much as I did in creating it”, says Billy. The world is about to get a glimpse of an amazing story teller with the release of “Fantasy Across The Room” from Billy F. Otis.


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