Hai Tarik was born in the heart of Jersey City, NJ. He is Jersey City, blending the best and the worst experiences that those streets can offer! His rise from those corners started when his older brother Breeze, a local club dj & party promoter exposed him to real rap music. Hai Tarik was heavily influenced by the genius of the sounds from that era, from artist like: Run-DMC, KRS-One, Rakim and Erick B., along with Big Daddy Kane, to name a few. After a chance meeting with Prince Rakeem aka The RZA, Hai Tarik fully embraced the Hip Hop Culture and embarked on his quest to rock the mic, not with meaningless words but with consciousness blessing his rhymes: “Only a chosen few know the science”. Once Hai Tarik made the commitment to be an emcee, doors began opening up all around him. One of his friends was related to Horus Fly, the producer for Nice-N-Smoothe and former road manager for M.O.P. Hai Tarik spent many hours observing Horus Fly working in his recording studio, carefully crafting his beats and tailoring each song to its individual artist. This taught Hai Tarik the difference between studio and live performance. Hai Tarik has performed at many of New York City’s hottest Hip Hop Clubs. Hai Tarik isn’t fronting another movement he’s leading a REVOLT back to CONSCIOUSNESS

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Hai Tarik
Song Title: Bad Situations
Publishing: Harun Tarik Simpson
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Publishing 2: SWAMPHILL Publishing
Publishing Affiliation 2: ASCAP
Album Title: Bad Situations
Record Label: Warbucz