King Tut The Don is a Classic Undiscovered Egyptian Tomb of Pure Hip Hop Gold and Ancient Hieroglyphics. King Tuts 90ish Style Era’ of Gangsta Conscious Rap Gemstones, Organized Crime, Street Knowledge, Violence, and Indigenous Tribal Sovereignty gives his Hip Hop fans a raw uncut Pyramid Capstone of Classic Rap God MC’n.

Before his final marathon lap & retirement, The Don is Dropping his First Full Independent Double Album 28 Songs: 1-4 Volumes Ep. After a Music industry underground hiatus of 5 years and Movie Soundtrack Projects in 2020, Killing My Obsession and Loyalty.

King Tut was also featured on Freeway Rick Ross Music Groups Mix cd, No flight zone just a few years Prior.

King Tut The Don’s New Double Album, The Don Godfather, Drops July 19th, 2022. Which has some New Young Ohio Emerging Artist Like his Son Angel Wilson & nephew Capone Haywood. With Music Production for the Album done by Sterling Smith from Bopman Productions along with Master Mixer Evan Brown from Nexus Sound Studio.

Midwest Ohio is well overdue for a Star Stunning Artist(s) of Talent Demonstrating, Dynamic MC’n, Prolific Artistry and A Captivating Empowering Movement with an Impactful Message and Most of All what we all been missing is Damn Good Music!

Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: King Tut The Don
Song Title: That Side
Publishing: John Kendall Wilson
Publishing Affiliation: BMI
Album Title: The Don GodFather vol 2
Record Label: Ausar Film Production

Record Label:
Ausar Film Production LLC
Rachelle Pape
Dynamic Music Management LLC
Rachelle Pape