National-International Recording & Radio Artist – Soulful, Modern Country-Rock & Americana – Singer / Songwriter / Producer

Art Carter
Through The Waters

May 22nd, 2023

Through The Waters

(Verse 1)

When this world… knocks you down…
You fall so far.. you can’t be found..
All alone… no one cares…
All by yourself… so much despair….
Then you feel your hand in mine…
I lift you up… you are fine…

(Chorus 1)

I’ll be your guide through the waters…
They’re rising up my sons and daughters…
I’ll lead the way… when you can’t find the day…
So don’t look… around… life brings us raging waters…
They’re rising up… at your doorstep….
So come take my hand… and I’ll show who I am…
Don’t be afraid…

Executive Producer Art Carter

Music recorded at the Sound Emporium, Nashville, TN.
Producer & Arranger Scott Neubert
Engineer Kyle Hershman
Electric Guitar & Fiddle Jason Roller
Bass Matt McGee
Drums & Percussion Steve Holland
Keyboard Steve Peffer
Sax Sam Levine
Acoustic Guitar, Dobro, Steel, Banjo, Mandolin Scott Neubert

Vocals recorded at Walker Studios, Orlando, FL.
Producer, Mixing, Mastering Guy Walker
Lead Vocals Art Carter
Background Vocals Art Carter & Guy Walker

All songs written by Art Carter, except “Friday Night, Cold Hearted Woman, and I Can’t Change”, co-written with my brother “Jeff Carter”/ Art Carter Music / ASCAP.


“Art Carter”, is a Nashville Recording Artist, based in Orlando, with music playing on radio Worldwide, He has charted many times Nationally & Internationally.

Mainstream Favorite Single (2022)” on the IMN (Independent Music Network), for song “Cold Hearted Woman.”

New Discovery Artist of the Year (2021)” on the IMN (Independent Music Network), for song “You Are The One.”

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Additional Artist/Song Information:

Artist Name: Art Carter
Song Title: Through The Waters
Publishing: Art Carter Music
Publishing Affiliation: ASCAP
Album Title: Texture
Record Label: Art Carter Music

Record Label:
Art Carter Music
Art Carter
Radio Promotion:
Triplestrand Productions
Dixie McCorkell
+1 763 274 2711
Art Carter Music
Art Carter
Art Carter Music
Art Carter
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